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Should we do an Engagement Photoshoot?

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Kiss me like you mean it! Practicing for the big day!

If you have time and can swing it, absolutely meet your photographer to do an engagement shoot! Some of the best reasons are:

1. You can practice for the big day! This will help you both to get comfortable in front of the camera ahead of time. Kiss, hug, laugh and fool around with each other and play with your photographer- and have a fabulous time with no pressure. This is the biggest value of an engagement session- it's relaxing, private and very, very romantic. Your photographer will suggest various poses and talk to you about your specific preferences which will be very useful for your wedding day.

2. You can use some of these photos for the "save the date" announcements. Your favorites can be blown up and exhibited at your wedding for a personal touch. You will never be an engaged couple again, so take advantage and bask in the glow of this very special time...and if your guy is camera shy, let's get some practice in!

3. Most importantly, it's an opportunity to bond with your wedding photographer. This will make you more comfortable on your wedding day since you know what to expect, making it one less variable on your special day. You can go over your engagement photos and talk to your photographer about what you absolutely loved as well as figure out that you really don't like any profile photos.

4. Pick a special spot which is unique to the both of you. If you love to fly fish, then let's get into the lake and have some fun with those thigh high boots! We can get really creative and have a ball (but please let's substitute a cute top for the rubber suspenders!). If you love your pets or go riding on ostriches, hey let's incorporate them into the shoot too! I also offer underwater photography sessions for couples as a consideration and you can't get more unique than that! or wetter! Best news is no one has to get their hair done!

5. Chances are that you have not had a professional photography session as a couple- just lots of crazy, fun instagram shots or stories that go away. An engagement session will ensure that you get those romantic, gorgeous pinterest magazine shots which you have screenshot all year... and you can actually pick out his outfit!

Ok, so you've decided that an engagement session is definitely for you- now what?? Let's talk about what to expect.

We are family... hop in little guys!

We will chat about what is important to you first. Special locations and what makes you a couple should be incorporated into your session. Would you like to have your 4 legged friends in some photos or your two legged parakeet popping out of your pocket? Let's make it memorable, fun and romantic. This is all about your relationship and having a great time... and I'll make sure that you get lots of kisses and hugs from your guy to last until your wedding!

Would you like a more formal session fresh out of a magazine layout, or a casual, "rolled up sleeves" shoot that looks like you are in the middle of a date? We will talk about your preferences and offer up lots of suggestions to help formulate a plan. This will dictate the clothing, location, hairstyle, props etc. Only our creativity is the limit so we can really put our heads together and come up with some images you'll cherish.

I love you, babe! Let's get married!

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