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Cost of Wedding Photography

Updated: 5 days ago

What should your Investment be in your Wedding Photography? It's usually the first question which I get asked (besides my availability). Some brides believe anyone can just show up with a decent camera and take those gorgeous pinterest shots, while others realize there's a little bit more to getting their perfect album. Whichever beautiful bride you happen to be, I hope that my blog helps you to determine the Wedding Photography Investment which makes the most sense for you. There's no wrong answer, it just depends on what you are looking for.

So how much should you realistically invest for your Wedding Photography? Every photographer has a minimum, but usually the answer is more a reflection of your expectations and wedding details. As you peruse photographers' websites, you will quickly see that you can spend $500 or $50,000 and anywhere in between. In this blog, I'm going to just focus on still photography, not video. The best advice I can give you is to go with the best photographer you can afford. Although it's important to have gorgeous flowers and great food, try not to skimp on your wedding photography since you'll only have those photos to remember your beautiful day and the breathtaking vision of you walking down the aisle!

So how much should you really spend on your photography investment? This is how my studio works with you to figure it out:

1. Timeframe- The more hours I am photographing, the more photos I take and therefore more processing time I spend on your photos after the wedding.

2. # of Photographers- along with if you want a regular second shooter (assistant) or another lead photographer.

3. Products- If you'd like a package, then we can add albums, canvases, or many other products. The sky is the limit!

4. Location of Prep, Ceremony & Reception- The closer these places are, the less time you will need from your photographer to capture the shots of your dreams!

5. Date- Your photography investment could be lower if you choose a date which is not on a Friday/Saturday or holiday. This is due to competition and opportunity cost.

6. Equipment & Quality = Choice & Professionalism The better the equipment, the more your investment will be, and the more professional your photos will look. I bring many Canon lenses, Canon camera bodies, filters etc. to capture every moment at the highest quality possible in the best way possible. If you'd like aerial shots from my drone, then that would also be part of our planning.

7. Education plus Experience = Bride's Confidence. The more educated and experienced your photographer is, the more your investment will be. You will feel confident that your dress will look stunning and your hair will be perfect, but you also need to know that your photographer is capturing everything perfectly. Every moment of my 4 years in photography school along with running my studio since 2004 has prepared me for the fast paced world of wedding photography with wildly varying lighting conditions. I have to make perfect shooting decisions in a split second because you can never get that moment back!

8. Reviews, Accolades & Personality- Read other bride's reviews on the quality of photos and how easy the photographer was to work with. My reviews have made me a Hall of Fame Photographer on theknot and in the top 5% of photographers.

Most of my brides pay between $2,500 and $8,000. Some prefer to just pay for my time of shooting and processing while others develop a package inclusive of shooting, processing and desired products. So, it all depends upon what you want from your photographer. Figure out how much you can invest in your wedding photography, and discuss with your photographer how you can work out a budgeting solution. There's always a way to afford your perfect photographer! Sometimes it's best not to focus on total investment but how payments can be worked out.

A quick note about Payment & Confirmation: All studios are different but my studio requires a deposit and contract which outlines everything that has been agreed and details of locations, wedding party, specific shots etc. Timing of payments can be discussed but payment in full would be required 6 weeks prior to the wedding date. My studio accepts checks, cash, credit cards through Paypal, Venmo Squarespace.

I hope that I have helped you to navigate this world of Wedding Photography! For some tips on how to choose your photographer:

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