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Bridal Shows

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

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When you meet the perfect photographer, you just know!

It's so exciting to attend Bridal Shows. I am guessing that you are one of two types of brides who attend these shows: The first one just wants to soak in the atmosphere and surround herself with wedding glory! Let's face it, it's an exciting time being engaged and you should enjoy it to the max. If you are just dipping your toes in and want to just wander, then have a ball!! The other type of bride is task driven and wants to optimize whatever time she has at the shows. She has her shopping list and it's time to tick some items off before anyone else takes her date! So what's the best way to work these shows?

If you are the first bride who just wants to wander, then just make sure that you take as much information you can from the photographers who appeal to you. Try to do something like take a photo of them at their booth or make notes on your business card so you don't confuse them all when you get home. This will guarantee that you end up booking the one you loved with the great personality and that amazing Wedding Album!

If you are the second type of bride, buckle up and hold on tight because we have some work to do!

One of the best tips I can give you is to be prepared and focus on just one type of Vendor. Research all of the photographers beforehand. Most bridal shows will offer you a list of Vendors when you sign up or they will be on the website. If not, call up the host of the Bridal Show and ask them for a list of the photographers. Once you have this list, start looking through their websites to narrow them down by style of photography. Make notes of what you like, and jot down any questions which you'd like to ask them. If you like, send them a request for pricing, date availability and tell them why you love their work to make them really like you LOL!! But seriously, we photographers love that and it doesn't sound like you have sent the same request out to 10 other photographers. Tell them you will be at the show and want to check them out. Book an appointment time if you love them that much, since a booth can be very busy with other brides.

Once you arrive at the Bridal Show, map out your route and just focus on the photographers. Take a look at the flowers etc. after you have seen and hopefully decided on your photographer. Otherwise, the bridal show will become very overwhelming. If you want to book more than one Vendor, focus on each group at a time even if you have to traverse the Bridal Show and backtrack.

So, you've already decided that you like their photography. Now use this time to check out their albums, prints and ask them what type of products their studio offers. A huge benefit of these shows is that you are actually meeting the photographers and can check out their personality. Do they look organized, relaxed, in control? If so, then this is how they will handle your wedding. Ask them questions about pricing, when you can expect to see your wedding photos and if they will give you any type of product or price discount if you can give them a deposit right on the spot! And if they will, and you love them and their work, then go for it! Put your deposit down and secure your date. You will have accomplished something great and can leave knowing that you are an awesome, organized, power bride!!

Wondering how much to invest in your Wedding Photography:

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Work that Bridal Show!

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