If an island destination wedding appeals to you, think about the enchanting island of Bermuda. 

It's less than 2 hours from the East Coast!


We were married in the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean with pink sand beaches.  5 romantic horse and buggies transported us, and the warm island breeze was our constant companion. We sailed into the sunset toasting with Laurent-Perrier in waterford crystal flutes...and lived happily ever after!  My Bermuda wedding was magical, and yours should be too.  

Being a wedding photographer as well as a Bermudian, it was only a matter of time before I was asked by my US East Coast brides about a Bermuda destination wedding. Flight time in the air is only 90 minutes . Bermuda is very elegant and exciting, with world class restaurants, hotels, fabulous water sports, boating and of course the pink sand beaches. Colorful hibiscus and oleander flowers line the roads and you won't believe how clear the stars look!

If you are at all teased about the possibility of getting married on a pink sand beach with the bluest water you've ever seen as a backdrop, I would love to chat via phone or online about how this can happen for you.  A Bermuda Destination wedding would also alleviate many of the stresses which inherently accompany wedding planning. And as a bonus, your bridal party and guests have an island holiday too!  With just one phone call, your wedding is organized!! 

If you are based in Philadelphia, New Jersey or New York, we can schedule an engagement photography session stateside before I photograph your Bermuda nuptials.  

Create your own fairytail beginning with... "We were married in Bermuda".