Love and Photography.....a marriage made in heaven!

How amazing it is to be surrounded by love when I go to work!  It is the most powerful force in the universe and our "raison d'etre"! No matter where I am in the world shooting weddings, they all share that same feeling of love and connection. Red is the color of love, and symbolizes passion and energy which resonates with me.  Makes sense that it's my favorite color! 

I'm thankful to have graduated with Bachelors & Masters Degrees in Business in my first life- Business graduates can always get a job!  My creative, photography self had to settle for weekends until I set up my photography studio in 2004.  In 2007  I finally enrolled in my life's passion- photography school.

I graduated in 2011 from the Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography after 4 incredible years of immersing myself in just about every aspect of photography you can think of.    It was a joy to be literally up to my elbows in developer, film, tanks, thermometers, stop watches, photo paper- and doing this all in the dark! This magical world will always enthrall me. The digital computer lab was just as intriguing.  In this age of instant gratification and deadlines, digital is the queen and I embrace it as it has enabled me to give my brides their online photos in 2 days, and their wedding album in 10 days!  I am just as excited to see their images as they are.  

 I can generally be found in Philadelphia, PA,  Saratoga Springs, NY and Bermuda working with clients on their wedding day and oftentimes secretly shooting sexy boudoir for the bride to present to her lucky groom on their special day. 

 For the last 7 years, I have also worked underwater shooting fashion portraits. They are usually shot in pools since it tends to make it easier to change outfits than in the ocean (especially ball gowns!!) Every session is so unique along with the images being created! ...and yes, I do go in the water with my camera, mask and snorkel!

So when I put my camera down what do I do in my free time?  Seriously, LOL, I never put my camera down!  And now that we have iphones, a heavy camera is no excuse for lack of photos! I will climb to the top of cliffs to capture images of beautiful longtail birds; go out on catamarans and  "sealegs" to shoot the super fast America's Cup Race boats; dive to 50 feet to photograph turtles, rays and that fat spiny lobster whose location will remain a secret;  get down on my tummy with toddlers and puppies; stay up until 4am to shoot the milky way and comets in the middle of nowhere; be totally surrounded in a paddock with mares and fillies in the springtime when the babies are born; climb up on a fence to photograph horses at the track coming around the turn;  focus on kites in the sky on Good Friday and just when I was going to bed at 1 am, I discovered a tiny tree frog on the kitchen counter.  So many things to photograph and now....there are drones to play with!! 

Why do I love to photograph so much? I think it's because I use it to remind myself of the very special moments and beautiful creatures in this extraordinary world. The lens gives us our own special world with which we all have a unique relationship..  

A photograph makes one pause to study and reflect upon it.  We relive the fabulous moments and are reminded of the people in our lives who mean so much.  This is probably why photography makes the best gift since it is a gift of love- it's all about love in the end.  

Thank you for stepping into my photography world today.  I hope to meet you soon in yours!